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Makeup For Girls With Glasses

Many of us deal with a restricted vision and share a love-hate relationship with our glasses. Fortunately, beauty experts from all over the world have come up with some of the most brilliant eye-makeup tricks for the bespectacled beauties.

The first step towards making eyeglasses look right is to choose a frame that not just compliments your facial shape but also suits your lifestyle and wardrobe, making your glasses a fashion accessory rather than an unwanted necessity.

Using a magnified mirror will make applying makeup much easier, also consider choosing makeup brushes with shorter handles will also allow you to get closer to the mirror without having to negotiate long handles.  Another common complaint is lashes hitting your lenses, to resolve this, make sure that you curl your lashes upward using an eyelash curler and add a couple of coats of  mascara afterwards to keep them in place.

Glass lenses often magnify the make up underneath and any fine lines around the eyes, be sure to keep the area well moisturised and avoid any heavy creams or shadows which will highlight them.  If you want to eliminate the need for applying makeup daily then consider opting for permanent makeup. Microblading is a great way to enhance your eyebrows and there are options for permanent eyeliner from a discreet liner to a more defined cats eye look.