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Predicted makeup trends for 2017

Mar 23, 2017 | Permanent Makeup

Predicted makeup trends for 2017

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But today’s women no longer are content with the others’ perceptions. Nowadays, wanting to look good has a lot to do with confidence,  people who are feel that they look good, are often happier and generally positive towards life.

Although many makeup tips suit people differently in terms of styles and products, there are still a few tried-&-tested trends, which suit most people. Some of these makeups trends are:

No Heat Hairdos

2016 saw a huge trend of smoothening and artificial straightening among women. Beauty experts claim that 2017 will bring a welcome break from these hairstyles. Shorter hairstyles and pixie cuts are expected to dominate the stage. Among those with longer hair, braided upper knots and deep side parts are again expected to emerge as the most preferred hairstyles.

Semi Permanent Make Up Trick

Chrome Nails

Various cosmetic brands reveal that there has been a huge growth in the sale of metallic hues in nail polish. Experts anticipate that chrome powdered nails will dominate the nail art field in 2017.


This year will see the prevalence of one of the most lasting solutions to the problem of scarce eyebrows in the form of Microblading. Hailed as a semi-permanent make up trick, this comprises some fine hair strokes that can perfectly define and reconstruct the eyebrows eliminating the need for brow makeup.

Return to the 80s Eye Makeup

A much-awaited blast from the past, 2017 will see an affinity to the eye make-up trends from the 1980s. A black thin redux line for regular days, which is glossed up by metallic shimmers will define the perfect eye make up for 2017. One cannot possibly miss the glossy lids and the bold blushes to complete this look.

Red Alert for the Lips

2016 saw a strong penchant for matt red lips. Needless to say, this is one trend that never goes out of fashion. Beauty experts recommend minimizing on the eye and skin makeup and concentrating on the lips to enhance the luscious and appeasing look.

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