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The benefits of Microbladed brows

Nov 28, 2017 | Permanent Makeup

The Benefits Of Microbladed Brows

Sadly, many of us have put our eyebrows through their paces over the years. We’ve gone from waxing to plucking, and everything in between, all of which has left most of us with thin and sparse eyebrows. These treatments have wreaked havoc on the follicles’ ability to grow new hairs in the right places. To counteract this, there has been a massive rise in the demand for new, revolutionary treatments in brows, like microblading.

The Rise of Microblading

So, why has

become the go-to option for rescuing sparse eyebrows? Here are four reasons why microblading is now the hottest eyebrow trend in the UK right now.

Longer Lasting

You will find plenty of makeup options in the market these days that will help you get bold brows. But, despite all the powders, pomades, pencils, sprays, and clear gels, store bought products are just not able to offer the same degree of longevity as microblading. With more women opting for microblading, we’re actively seeking out low maintenance options to get amazing eyebrows that stay for more than just a day or two. Results from microblading, on the other hand, last for almost a year!

Versatile Looks

Bold brows are actually quite versatile and complement any type of makeup look. With the concept of a ‘no-makeup makeup’ look growing in popularity, many women who want to achieve a more natural appearance opt for fuller brows


We’ve always looked towards celebrities when it comes to taking inspiration for a particular look. And with the beauty industry evolving as it is, many celebrities are choosing microblading too.

has been thrust into the limelight recently by influencers including Lena Dunham, Lauren Conrad, and Giuliana Rancic.

So, not only is the microblading trend on the rise, it’s also here to stay. This implies that don’t have to be born with full brows; with microblading, you can get your perfect bold brows too.

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