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Permanent beauty in London

Jan 29, 2019 | Permanent Makeup

Permanent Make-Up Services In London

Here at Borciani London, we are specialists in a wide range of permanent makeup and offer a variety of options to help enhance your look. We offer treatments ranging from permanent eyebrows to permanent Lip Blush to ensure you look nothing short of beautiful the moment you step out of our clinic. Here’s a breakdown of the fabulous treatments we offer.

 Permanent Eyebrows : From Microblading to Ombre Brows

Our range of permanent eyebrow treatments are ideal for creating the ultimate, well-defined and perfectly shaped brow. Our treatments include microblading, a technique used to help create lifelike hair strokes and the appearance of a real, natural brow. Powder Brow creates a soft shadow of colour, which appears similar to the result you would achieve with an eyebrow pencil, this is a great option for any age and skin type. Ombre is a stronger version of the Powder Brow with defined borders and a softer front. We also offer Hair stroke brows using machine for people who are unable to have microblading.

Permanent Lipstick And Lip Blush

Our lip blush treatment is the most popular option, it creates a beautifully soft, natural wash of colour on the lips, similar to a lip stain.  We will create symmetry in the lip borders, define the cupids bow for a youthful appearance and custom blend a colour that flatters your complexion. With new methods we can also customise the border of the lips, either by creating a softer line or a more defined border if you prefer.  .

Permanent Eyeliner


 is available in a variety of options from discreet lash liner to natural eyeliner, extended day liner and even evening liner. Discreet Lash Liner is used on those with sparse eyelashes. It’s applied within the lashes to give the eye more definition. Natural Eyeliner offers a more defined look but still very natural. Extended Day Liner is a slight step up, taking the line to a slightly thicker appearance with almost a cat’s eye extension. Evening Liner is bold and incorporates a winged cats eye.  This is a great option for anyone with allergies or contact lense wearers, most of our clients opt for the day liner to give the eyes some definition without makeup, you can then easily thicken the liner using makeup for the evening or a more bold look.

Hair Follicle Simulation – A Great Solution For Hair Loss

This treatment is ideal for both men and women who have suffered hair loss. Suitable for clients of all ages, skin tone and hair colour, it’s designed to replace the appearance of lost hair follicles and hair strands. It’s also referred to as scalp tattooing however, there have been many clients reporting increased hair growth in the treated area due to the ‘tattooing’ triggering elastin and collagen.  For our male clients, we tend to focus on the crown or the receding areas of the hairline, we create micro dots of colour which mimic the hair follicle giving the look of a fuller head of hair. There are a number of popular treatments for our female clients which include adding ‘follicles’ to where the hair is parted which can often look a little thin. We can also strengthen the hairline which can become sparse due to underlying medical conditions, male pattern baldness and age.

Beauty Treatments For Cancer Patients

Our permanent beauty treatments for cancer patients cater for both the side effects of chemotherapy and the results of lumpectomies and mastectomies. For those suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy, we find microblading to be incredibly helpful, ideally we will see people before they start chemo so that they are prepared for hair loss although we often see clients at the end of their cycles and before radiotherapy. For those who have undergone  a mastectomy or lumpectomy, we offer scar softening and scar camouflage treatments as well as 3D Areola creation whether you have had a single or double mastectomy.

The Best Permanent Make-Up In London

For more information on our permanent make up treatments or to book in at our London clinic, simply contact us today via clinic@borcianilondon.com.

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