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6 Reasons People Choose Microblading

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that’s applied using a hand held tool to create the look of individual hair strokes. Whether you suffer from sparse, over-plucked eyebrows or need definition, microblading can transform your appearance. There are several options when it comes to permanent brows too, from individual hair strokes to ombre or ‘brow mist’. Here at Borciani London, our focus lies on creating as natural result as possible with hair strokes that look exactly like your own.

Why People Choose Microblading

If you are considering having your brows microbladed, then check out the top reasons people chose this treatment :

1. The Treatment Gives Long Lasting Brows

Microblading is a non-invasive treatment that offers amazing, natural results. Much like a semi-permanent tattoo that gives you the perfect brow, the microbladed eyebrow will retain its shape and size for around 12 months before a top up session is needed. That gives you 12 solid months to enjoy perfectly preened eyebrows, this means no more pencils, powders and salon visits.

2. Microblading Will Give You A Quicker Morning Routine

With permanent makeup eyebrows, you needn’t worry about applying your eyebrow makeup every morning. Microblading will ensure you have the ideal arch, shape and colour on a daily basis. With this technique, you can enjoy flawless eyebrows, hassle and virtually maintenance free.

3. The Treatment Is Safe, Effective And Fairly Comfortable

Many describe it as a little ‘scratchy’ however, we do use a topical and secondary anaesthetic which means you could get the right shape and look for your eyebrows in a virtually pain-free manner, most of our clients will fall asleep!

4. Microblading Gives The Most Natural Looking Brows

As previously mentioned, our focus is on providing totally natural looking eyebrows, creating individual hair strokes and even a colour wash effect. Microblading is there to enhance your brow in the best way possible and appear as natural as possible too whether you want a barely there look or something a little bolder. Our London clinic uses the best techniques possible to create the best result possible.

5. It Is A Quick Way To Better Brows

The full treatment requires two sessions; the initial microblading session followed by a top up or ‘control’ session five weeks later. The initial session lasts around 90 minutes to 2 hours with the second session around an hour. After the initial sessions, your eyebrows will take around 4 to 5 weeks to heal fully, giving you beautifully natural eyebrows that last you for the next 12 months.

6. It Is An Easy Solution To Regain Eyebrows

Whether you’ve lost your eyebrows due to alopecia, chemotherapy or something else entirely, microblading provides an easy solution to regaining your natural looking eyebrows in just a couple of hours.

Contact Borciani London For The Best Microblading Treatments

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