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In this section you will find articles and updates from Borciani London relating to Permanent Makeup, Skin Rejuvenation, Scar Camouflage and any many other topics.  If there is something particular that you would like to see us post on or wish to contribute then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Everything you need to know about Skin Peels Title: The Power of Peels: Unveiling Radiant Skin through Chemical Peels   In the quest for youthful and glowing skin, chemical peels have emerged as a popular and effective treatment option. These powerful skincare...

How to choose the best person for your Microblading

How to choose the best person for your Microblading

Who does the best Microblading? So, you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and get something done about your sparse, overplucked brows and then are hit with a really tough decision. Who should I get them done by? In the last couple of years the popularity of this...

The Microblading Healing Process

The Microblading Healing Process

Microblading Healing Process Microblading is one of the most popular methods of permanent makeup for brows. The results are extremely natural and suits those who do enot want their permanent makeup to be obvious.  At Borciani London, we often get a lot of...

Is Microblading right for me?

6 Reasons People Choose Microblading Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that’s applied using a hand held tool to create the look of individual hair strokes. Whether you suffer from sparse, over-plucked eyebrows or need definition, microblading can transform...

Permanent beauty in London

Permanent beauty in London

Permanent Make-Up Services In London Here at Borciani London, we are specialists in a wide range of permanent makeup and offer a variety of options to help enhance your look. We offer treatments ranging from permanent eyebrows to permanent Lip Blush to...

The best facials London has to offer

The best facials London has to offer

Types Of Facial Treatments In London Quick Skin Fixes With Borciani London Achieving perfectly flawless skin isn’t something that can usually happen overnight. The majority of regimens can take anywhere from four to six weeks to see improved results. There are...

Hair Loss: Why it happens, and how you can fight it

Hair Loss Solutions Suffering from hair loss can be an upsetting and a scary experience, but the good news is there are many ways that can help to minimise the symptoms. Understanding more about hair loss and exploring effective alopecia treatments is a start. What...

The benefits of Microbladed brows

The Benefits Of Microbladed Brows Sadly, many of us have put our eyebrows through their paces over the years. We’ve gone from waxing to plucking, and everything in between, all of which has left most of us with thin and sparse eyebrows. These treatments have wreaked...

Achieve natural looking results with Alopecia treatment

Solutions For Alopecia What is Alopecia Areata Alopecia Areata is a condition that causes patches of hair to fall from the scalp. More advanced forms, such as Alopecia Universalis, can also lead to loss of hair from the eyebrows and/or the eyelashes. This visible...

Predicted makeup trends for 2017

Predicted makeup trends for 2017 They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But today’s women no longer are content with the others’ perceptions. Nowadays, wanting to look good has a lot to do with confidence,  people who are feel that they look good, are...

How to take care of chapped lips during winter

How to take care of chapped lips during winter

How To Prevent Chapped Lips Winter brings a lot of skin troubles for most of us. Not only does one’s skin become irritable, but it also becomes dry and dehydrated, causing various skin related issues. It’s no wonder that most of us resort to creams and ointments to...

Make up for people who wear glasses

Makeup For Girls With Glasses Many of us deal with a restricted vision and share a love-hate relationship with our glasses. Fortunately, beauty experts from all over the world have come up with some of the most brilliant eye-makeup tricks for the bespectacled...

What you need to know about Microblading

Regardless of whether you like your eyebrows straight, bold, feathered or arched, there is no doubt that your brows are among the most defining features on your face. If you’re not happy with the way they look, there are a lot of ways in which you can alter them to...

Are you looking for bold Brows?

How To Achieve Bolder Brows Whether you have naturally sparse brows , lost your shape due to over-plucking or simply need to give your face some definition, the right treatment for your eyebrows can completely transform your look. A well-defined and shaped brow...

The secret to Perfect Brows

Woman tries the semi-permanent treatment that promises to transform your entire face – with striking results Ombre brows are the very latest in cosmetic tattooing They have boomed in popularity after emerging from Eastern Europe FEMAIL tries the £445...

Does it hurt ?

It is completely normal to feel anxious about the procedures. We use a range of topical anaesthetics to ensure that you are as relaxed as possible during the treatment and that any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum. Most clients describe the sensation as ‘tingling vibrations’ rather than pain and many fall asleep during the procedure.

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