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Mesotherapy Treatment

Face and body rejuvenation

Effective Treatment for Face and Body.

Mesotherapy is an extremely effective treatment for both the face and body, leaving skin tighter, brighter, hydrated and rejuvenated.

A special blend of potent vitamins, minerals and pharmaceuticals is custom blended to address your specific needs and a tiny needle is used to inject these into the superficial layers of the skin boosting collagen and elastic, the building blocks of great skin.

This treatment is essential if you often find your skin feels dry no matter how much moisturiser you apply or water you drink, with mesotherapy we get the moisture inside the skin.

Who is it for?

Most clients are good candidates for Mesotherapy and it can address almost all skin complaints that we have due to the wide range of products available, we will blend the perfect skin cocktail for you at your treatment.

Mesotherapy can be used all over the body and is a great option for neck, chest and hands which can often age quicker than our face. Mesotherapy can also be used to minimize stretch marks and cellulite and promote hair growth on the scalp. Due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, it is a safe option for all ages and skin tones.

Mesotherapy can treat most skin concerns including:

  • Dry and Dehydrated Skin
  • Decolletage – Wrinkles and Sagging Skin on the chest and neck
  • Skin Tone and Texture – Dark Spots and Sun Damage
  • Fat loss and Cellulite reduction
  • Eyes – reduce eye bags, tighten skin and smooth wrinkles
  • Body Treatments – Stretch Marks
  • Scalp and Hair Line – Hair Loss
  • Hands – Firmer, more youthful skin, dark spots and sun damage
  • Scar Softening – reduction in raised and discoloured scars
  • Acne – Active and dormant


For an effective booster, we love NCTF 135HA.  This potent blend has over 50 ingredients to repair and nourish the skin along with  pure hyaluronic acid, it gives instant results to improve your skins natural brightness and water levels. The serum has many uses including filling wrinkles , smoothing crows feet, plumping the hands and reducing crepeyness on the arms, neck and body.

What Does it Do?

NCTF 135HA stimulates production of skin cells and human tissue growth, it’s great for dark circles, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging or ageing skin, crepey neck and decollatage.

What’s Inside the Formula?

There are 14 vitamins, 24 different amino acids and 2 anti-oxidants to ensure your skin remains healthy and glowing.

 RRS Range

RRS produces a range of mesotherapy cocktails preparations for the face and body. 

  • RRS Eyes – Reduce bags, improve the eye contour and improves elasticity.
  •  skin, restores moisture and firms the skin
  • RRS HA  Strimatrix – for use on stretch marks on the body
  • Hyalift 75 PROactive is an injectable gel for ageing skin. It smooths wrinkles, deeply hydrates, plumps and restores the skin


Profhilo & Boosters?

Profhilo® is a totally new type of bio modeller, Rather than relaxing muscles and creating false volume, it stimulates your own collagen and elastin leaving you with tighter, firmer skin and beautiful hydration. The great news is that these effects can be achieved in 2 sessions, 1 month apart with results being visible from as soon as 1 week after the treatment.

Profhilo is administered differently to traditional mesotherapy using 10 implantation points on the face to ensure maximum lift. 

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Aqualyx is a treatment designed to dissolve stubborn pockets of fat on the face and body that have not responded to diet or exercise.  This treatment is a great option for those who are looking to contour areas rather than lose large amounts of weight. 

Please see our options for RF Diamond Polar or Emslim if you have more weight to lose.

Aqualyx can be used on the following areas:

  • Stomach – lower pooch and abs
  • Under the chin
  • Under arms – bingo wings
  • Love handles – hips
  • Thighs – inner and outer
  • Fat above the knee
  • Back – bra fat
  • Waist contouring

Hair Loss

The AnteAge MD hair treatment strengthens and stimulates new growth whilst preventing hair from falling out too early during the cycle;  it does this by combining 9 bio-identical recombinant growth factors and Cytosignals  that are responsible for hair follicle replication and regeneration.  

Over the course of the treatment, you will notice hair becoming thicker, stronger and with fullness restored.

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The treatment

We usually start with a light glycolic peel to ‘prepare’ the skin so that it can absorb the serums more effectively, we then mix the meso cocktail depending on your concerns, a tiny nano needle is used to administer the cocktail in the superficial layers of the skin making the treatment near painless.

Directly after the treatment, the skin will be tighter, more hydrated and glowing, there may be some redness, which will disappear within a couple of hours. If we are using the NCTF compound then you may notice small bumps under the skin which will disappear within 24 hours.

With Aqualyx, you may experience tenderness, swelling and bruising in the area for 7 days following the treatment.

Depending on the treatment, we recommend a course of sessions and then a maintenance program to ensure your skin is always at its best

More information on the treatment including what to expect and the do’s and don’t’s following your procedure are available in the Aftercare section.

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Natasha provides an impeccable service. From the point of initial email enquiry, I have had a 5 star experience from start to finish. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The quality of her treatments and the skill with which she executes them.”
Does it hurt ?

It is completely normal to feel anxious about the procedures. We use a range of topical anaesthetics to ensure that you are as relaxed as possible during the treatment and that any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum. Most clients describe the sensation as ‘tingling vibrations’ rather than pain and many fall asleep during the procedure.

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