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Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal

Eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoo removal 

Permanent Makeup Removal London.

Over the last decade, permanent makeup has become extremely popular and widely available. The results are often very flattering, but unfortunately on occasions, due to bad technique and colour choice, there is the need for permanent makeup removal.

We have researched all ooptions and are able to offer safe and effecive removals for all skin types, pigments and areas of the body.  We even have options for those who aren’t able to have any social downtime.  We appreciate that you may not know which would be the best option for you so will be happy to recommend a treatment plan for you.

Emergency Removals

We are sadly seeing an increase in the requests for emergency removals of permanent makeup especially brows due to the increased number of poorly trained microblading practitioners.  This can often be an incredibly upsetting experience and until recently there have not been any safe and reliable means to remove this work without waiting at least a month.

Our emergency removal procedure is available within the first 48 hours following your treatment, this can be for brows, eyeliner or lip treatments.  We can often see an incredible lift of the pigment – up to 80% success rate from the first session. 

We use either the Li-ft or MM removal protocol to draw out as much pigment as possible whilst protecting your skin.  

Once the skin has healed we can look at alternative methods to continue fading the pigment.

    Laser Removal

    This is an excellent option for very dark and heavily pigmented brows and eyeliners, it is also a useful tool in ‘colour switching’ brows that have turned red or ashy.  People often are hesitant to have laser removals as they believe that they will lose their brow hair, this is a misconception as this type of laser (Q-switched Nd:YAG) isn’t used for hair removal and is very safe to use on brows or eyeliners.

    The configuration of this laser is specifically designed for removal of permanent makeup which makes it significantly more gentle than traditional ‘tattoo removal’ lasers.  As with all removal methods, multiple sessions and we will ask you to come for a patch test 7 days before your treatment.  The purpose of this patch test is to check the settings for your removal and also to gauge any colour changes that may occur during the process.   Please note that laser removal is not appropriate for darker skin tones, lip removals or very light coloured pigments.

    Often the fastest route to removal

    • Less downtime than other removal methods
    • Can be used to ‘switch’ unwanted tones in the brows such as reds/greys and to tone down work
    • Our laser is specifically designed for the removal of permanent makeup

    LI-FT Removal

    The Li-ft removal treatment was developed by Li Pigments and is an extremely effective saline based removal system.  This is our preferred option for Energency Removals due to it’s safety factor  – this must be within 48 hours of the pigmentation.  We also use Li-ft to remove pigment that we cannot remove with lasers including green, yellow and white pigments.

      MM Removal

      This versatile removal system uses Alkaline and Glycolic for the most effective removal of very stubborn pigment.  The MM system is more invasive than our other offerings and therefore the downtime will be extended.  This is a great option for anyone who wants to accelerate the removal of their permanent makeup and reduce the number of sessions. 

      Effective removal of stubborn and old pigment

      • Reduced number of sessions for removal
      • Effective removal of stubborn and old pigment including eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner
      • Can be used for Emergency Removal on all areas

      Magnetic Removal

      This gentle new system removes pigment without the significant downtime and healing process of previous methods (laser, acid, saline).  It is safe, effective and can be used with all skin types and on all colours of pigment including camouflage.  This option is great for very faded or fresh work as it is so gentle.   

      The removal solution is applied using the 88 needle and the pigment is ‘pulled’ out of the skin.  The combination of the magnetic needle attracting the metals in the pigment combined with the ultrasonic effect of the 88 configuration makes this one of the most gentle and effective removal methods we have encountered.  Best of all, treatments can be repeated every 3-4 weeks rather than 8 weeks for saline/laser etc meaning that your tattoo can be removed more quickly.  If your brows are heavily pigmented then other methods may be more appropriate.

      • No downtime – shower and play sports the same day
      • No scabbing or trauma to the area
      • Non invasive removal of pigment from the brows, eyeliner, lips and body
      • Removes all colours including Beige, Red, Blue, & white

      Commonly Asked Questions

      Who is this treatment good for?

      Anyone wishing to remove permanent makeup- either because they do not like the shape/colour or because the pigment has faded into an unflattering shade.
      Please note, we are unable to treat you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have auto immune conditions. Please check our medical forms for a full list of contraindications.

      How many sessions will I need?

      This will really depend on a number of factors such as the amount of pigment in the skin, the age of the pigment, the depth of the work and how your immune system processes the treatment.  We will usually see people between 3-6 sessions.

      How long do I have to wait to have the procedure?

      We can see you immediately after your unwanted procedure and have both emergency removal methods and methods for healed work (over 4 weeks).

      What will I look like afterwards?

      This will depend on the removal method.  For Magnetic, there is very little downtime and for MM and Li-ft you will have quite red brows which will form a scab, this will normally fall off within a week.

      What if I am nervous?

      It’s quite normal to be  nervous before your treatment, especially if it is your first time. We will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible (and will use topical anaesthetics),  the  Borciani London staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your treatment.

      What are the costs of permanent makeup tattoo removal?

      Emergency Removal is £275 and must be within 48 hours of your treatment

      Permanent Makeup Removal is £275 for the first session and £220 for each ssession thereafter.

       (please check the pricing page for the most up to date prices)

      How soon after the procedure will I be able to get new permanent makeup?

      Ideally, you will rest your skin for 8 weeks following your removals.

      Roughly how long does it take to remove permanent makeup?

      Treatments are 45-60 minutes depending on the method

      Do I need to do anything to prepare for my permanent makeup removal?

      The better the condition of your skin, the better the results, please avoid any chemical peels, Retinols for 1 week and do not take any blood thinners for 48 hours before your treatment. Please also avoid sun exposure especially with laser removals.

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      Natasha provides an impeccable service. From the point of initial email enquiry, I have had a 5 star experience from start to finish. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The quality of her treatments and the skill with which she executes them.”

      Does it hurt ?

      It is completely normal to feel anxious about the procedures. We use a range of topical anaesthetics to ensure that you are as relaxed as possible during the treatment and that any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum. Most clients describe the sensation as ‘tingling vibrations’ rather than pain and many fall asleep during the procedure.

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